Utility Garage

Utility Garage

Posted by Sunliner | News | February 18, 2020

The Utility Garage has the flexibility to store everything you may need on the road and more. The electric drop-down platform combined with the dual side sliding deck allows you to personalise your storage needs.

Utility Garage

The new Sunliner Utility Garage has the flexibility to store everything you need PLUS more when on the road.

The fully lined Utility Garage has two large access doors either side of the vehicle and contains twin decks; ideal for packing bulky items.

The TOP platform of the Utility Garage operates on an electric lifting mechanism; allowing it to rise and drop to your specified height with the press of a button.

The LOWER dual motion sliding platform, glides out over 1000mm either side of the vehicle for quick and easy packing without the inconvenience of rearranging items.

Sunliner's Utility Garage is available as an optional extra on several models across the Sunliner range.


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