Question 297

Why don't the lounge rear cushions fit between the base cushions to make an extra bed in our G32. THE DONT LIE FLAT EITHER AS THEY ARE BULKIER AT THE BOTTOM COMPARED TO THE TOP.
Hi Cambo,
Unlike a rental motorhome, which are designed primarily to provide multiple sleeping arrangements, our motorhomes are designed for maximum comfort in seating and sleeping, in most cases for 2 people. When designing seating cushions we have chosen to focus on the best possible comfort when used as seats. We offer peak upgrades to provide more permanent additional sleeping options.
We understand that from time to time the dinette can be made up for an occasional guest hence the reason that bed boards are supplied at dealers/ and on customer request and acknowledge that it may not be as comfortable as the innerspring mattress supplied for the main bed.
As a possible solution to your situation we can recommend purchasing a section of memory foam or mattress foam topper that can be laid across the seat cushions when placed on the bead boards in the sleeping position.
Have a great weekend and we hope you enjoy your Sunliner journey.

Sunliner HQ
26 February 2016

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