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Hi. Has anyone else had the front glass of the Sharp microwave explode whilst driving.
We had this happen this weekend even though the inside door glass is still not broken.
We think this may be an important question for all Sunliner owners as the glass exploded throughout the motorhome.
Can anyone from Sunliner community shed any light on this dangerous risk.
Contacting Sharp re recall notices.

Exploding microwave doors is not a common problem in our RV's. In fact, we have never had this reported to us before. We did a quick google search of the problem and found the following statement which to us sounds pretty reasonable.

"The microwave industry uses "Heat Strengthened Glass" for glass doors. This is a heat treatment process the glass is put through that allows it to withstand a certain amount of impact. In the rare case, the glass does break, it is designed to break into small pieces. The glass used meets all international manufacturing standards.

Microwave manufacturers are aware of a very small rate of "spontaneous glass breaks." These breakages are believed to be caused by a small impurity in the glass which can cause it to fail. Unfortunately, any product that has glass in it, can break."

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Sunliner RV
21 May 2018

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