Question 1136

I read in "Community" there have been several complaints back in 2016 regarding Rattles in the slideout when travelling. The problem is still there in 2017 and despite your Answer saying your service agents are experts in coming up with solutions it seems in this case they haven't. It seems unrealistic that the only suggestion was to put a piece of foam in it to stop the rattle.
Hello Brian, We appreciate that rattles can be annoying. It is important to understand that motorhomes, unlike standard passenger cars, can be noisey as result of the hundreds of added elements inside a large "box". The slide-out we use is considered one of the best available and is imprinted from the USA and it rattles. Inserting some foam pads to limit the rattle is a solution that has worked for many. Regards, Sunliner
27 November 2017

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