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I am interested in purchasing a 5 th Wheeler in a couple of years- In fact I like the look of the Sunliner. However, there are very few Australian manufacturers around. Can anyone give me some feedback about their 5th Wheeler- Sunliner or another brand? Are their any disadvantages compared to a caravan. I currently own a 20 ft Roadstar caravan.
Hi Wayne, You are correct Sunliner is one of the few 5th wheeler manufacturers in Australia.

A 5th Wheeler is built to extend over the back of the tow vehicle (commonly a ute, or light commercial truck), and sits on a horizontal plate (the 5th wheel) on the tray back. The 5th wheel usually sits in the centre of the tray back directly over the rear axles this provides support for the RV. Some coupling devices are designed so that they can be removed from the tray when the vehicle is not being used to tow.

An important feature of the Sunliner Northshore series is that they have been designed for Australian and New Zealand conditions and are also light enough to be towed by a range of locally available utes, including the Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, Toyota HiLux and Holden Colorado.

The team at Australian Motor Homes and Caravans are our Australian representative of 5th Wheelers and would be happy to discuss the pros and cons with you.

Kind regards,
Candice -Sunliner RV
21 November 2017

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