Meet our new Sunliner Ambassadors

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April 24, 2015

Sunliner are delighted to introduce their first ever Ambassadors, Russell and Rhonda. Read on to find out more about their adventures.

Meet our new Sunliner Ambassadors

Rather then appoint a celebrity to such an important role we thought that Sunliner Ambassadors should be people who are real travellers and have great stories and experiences to share.  Drumroll please........ Sunliner are delighted to introduce their first ever Ambassadors, Russell and Rhonda. Read on to find out more about their adventures.


Where are you from? 

 Lilydale, Victoria in the Yarra Valley at the foothills of the Dandenong's.


Tell us about your Motorhome?                                                         

Our Motorhome is a 2014 Sunliner Holiday G53 on a Fiat chassis, which we ordered with 135W solar panel, rear boot, nudge Bar, tow bar and have since fitted Light Bar (which even though we don’t travel at night it is very handy around a camp site), UHF CB radio (to talk to other motorhomer's, caravaner’s and more importantly truckers for road reports etc.), Phone kits for Telstra mobile & Inmarsat Sat phone, pole storage pipe and have had a couple of extra storage boxes fitted.

Inside we have had extra power points fitted 12V and 240V as well as additional shelves in the wardrobe as well as fitting some storage bags to back of the seats, spice rakes & magazine holders etc., its amazing what you can adapt from the storage section at Kmart with a little bit of imagination to fit in to the motorhome for additional storage at a minimal cost.


Who came up with the idea of Motorhoming  first?

Both of us, as in the past we have toured in a 4WD, bush camped in tents, owned a caravan and campers, as well as staying in motels whilst touring, before purchasing a second hand motorhome in 2009.


How long have you spent Motorhoming?

We purchased our first motorhome in 2009 and did some short trips before heading off on a 5 month trip in 2012, when we travelled across the Nullarbor to Kalgoorlie then down to Esperance then followed the coast up to Broome, across to Darwin, where we stayed for a couple of months and down the centre back to Victoria.


What prompted you to decide to travel towing a car?

It gives us the freedom to be able to travel around once we have arrived at a location that we are staying for an extended time and don't have to pack up the motorhome to travel around sight seeing and shopping etc., even though a motorhome is much easier to pack up than a caravan and it is also a lot easier to tow a small car with motorhome than it is to tow a caravan especially for Rhonda. 


What is your typical day like?

On the days that we are travelling we get up, have breakfast at our leisure, pack up and get on the road to our next destination that we have planned, which we usually try to limit to no more than 300k's as we like to be off the road and set up for the night by about 3pm.

We also don’t like to travel in the early morning, late afternoon or at night when the animals such as Kangaroos are more active and therefore less likely to have a incident with them.   

If we are not travelling it's either visiting local attractions, such as museums, scenic lookouts and exploring places of interest or just relaxing and recharging our batteries (I don't mean the batteries in the motorhome).


What is like living in super close quarters?

It's actually quite good and surprisingly quite easy to adapt too, it's amazing what material things that you can live without, you don’t need an ice cream maker, bread maker etc, whilst travelling, we find the standard Sunliner fittings more than meet our needs.


What is the hardest thing you have done so far on your adventures?

Packing the motorhome and deciding what you might need to carry for any problems that might occur and trying to cater for the changing climates around Australia.

Overcoming the little problems that come up like accidently cutting the wiring to the car when turning into a service station for fuel and not finding it until the next day doing our morning checks before setting off for the day.


What is the best thing you have experienced so far?

Meeting other travellers and sharing stories, experiences and tips on camp sites, caravan parks that they have been too and any modifications that they may have made to their vehicles to enhance, protect and make life easier on the road.

You’re going all over the place! Where are you especially looking forward to visiting?

Darwin to catch up with some old friends from when we lived there after Cyclone Tracy and then retracing our journey back to Victoria in 1978,  which was quite a quick trip Darwin to Melbourne the long way in five and half days in a Datsun 120y, this time it will be more leisurely with some side trips to Far North Queensland. 


Whats the best piece of advice you can give to other who want to head out on the road in a motorhome?

Take several short shake down trips before heading off on an extended trip, which will also assist in working out what if any, modifications that you might need to do to make your travelling easier.

Whilst we have the after market support of Sunliner and Fiat we have found it an advantage to have RACV Total Care for the peace of mind for those unexpected problems. 

Also don't pack all your clothes remember you don't have to impress the Kangaroos with your fashion sense. You can usually get a couple of days out of a T-shirt and shorts, we usually wash our underwear and socks when we have a shower and leave them hanging in the shower to dry, whilst we are travelling or on our cloths line when staying for any length of time.

Make a check list of things to do before heading off  from your campsite, such as TV Ariel down, hose fitting of tap, everything secured and turned off in and out of  motorhome and finally do a walk around the site and motorhome  to check all is well before leaving. 

We usually cross check each other, as it is a long way back if you have left something behind, such as your water hose.


A final word

We love to meet fellow travellers, if you see us out on the trail feel free to come up and say hi.  We look fiorward to meeting you all.


Rhonda and Russell




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