Become the “Eyes in the Field” Australian scientists.

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September 10, 2018

Did you see something? Photograph something? Contribute your sighting by becoming a Citizen Scientist.

Become the “Eyes in the Field” Australian scientists.

One of the many benefits of our chosen travelling lifestyle is the chance to explore interesting and sometimes remote areas of the great Southern Land.  In doing so we can witness some incredible wildlife and native habitats. 

The wonder of modern technology and software is that everyday folks can become “citizen scientists”. Your photographs and observations can be added to a database of information to provide researchers data to further studies. 

Australia’s Chief Scientist has lauded the input that citizen scientists have made in increasing Australia’s research capacity including discovering new species, playing a role in break-throughs on debilitating diseases and identification and classification of distant galaxies 

To find out more about how you can become involved check out the following resources; 


Australian Citizen Science Association


The Australian Citizen Science Association  (ACSA) was formed to advance citizen science through the sharing of knowledge, collaboration, capacity building and advocacy.


We are a member-based community that supports, informs and develops citizen science. ACSA membership is open to citizen science project managers, volunteers or anyone with an interest in citizen science.


Atlas of Living Australia


The Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) is Australia’s national biodiversity database. Founded on the principle of data sharing – collect it once, share it, use it many times – the ALA provides free, online access to millions of occurrence records to form the most comprehensive and accessible data set on Australia’s biodiversity ever produced.  


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