The Vibe is a fun motorhome loaded with personality; just like its owners. The Vibes compact size makes it simple to drive.
C - Car License
Length: 7.1m
Width: 2.5m
Price (from) $105,300 + on roads
Vida Motorhome
The Sunliner Vida motorhome is an extension of the popular Sunliner Vida Campervan Series. The finish is modern yet practical and is simple to maintain and use.
C - Car License
Price (from) $118,900 + on roads
Not too big, not too small, the Pinto is just right! Big on the inside with the use of drop down beds and compact on the road.
C - Car License
Length: 6.62m
Width: 2.35m
Price (from) $126,099 + on roads
The Ranger is as Aussie as! Designed for wide adventure travelling.
C - Car License
Length: 5.8m
Width: 2.2m
Height: 2.9m
Price (from) $93,300 + on roads
Holiday RV
Accommodating all tastes and styles, the Sunliner Holiday RV Range offers you the unique ability to persoanlise a Sunliner RV, so you can create a motorhome that perfectly suits your individual requirements.
C - Car License
Length: 7.5m - 7.8m
Width: 2.5m - 3.25m
Price (from) $132,500 + on roads
A beautiful motorhome with a full ensuite, a slie out dinette and fixed East / West bed.
C - Car License
Price (from) $148,990
Sunliner 40
A special release 40th anniversary Motohome; The Sunliner 40 is 40 years of knowledge, combined the latest technology to creating Australia’s most exciting new motorhome. This is a limited release of only 40 units.
C - Car License
Length: 7.4m
Width: 2.45m
Height: 3.3m
Price (from) $169,900
Monte Carlo
The flagship of the Sunliner range is in a class of its own. The finest hardwood trims, plush leather upholstery, curved cabinetry & soft lighting.
LR - Light Rigid
Length: 8.5m - 9.5m
Width: 2.45m
Price (from) $228,500 + on roads